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An ITA electrician in Armadale can assist with any electrical work.

With an eclectic mix of shops, cafes, and restaurants, there's always a diverse range of electrical services being carried out in Armadale.

With our team of certified electricians, we can assist with any electrical work you need done. We can rewire older homes, install wi-fi networks, install new power points and so much more.

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  • Armadale is a laidback suburb with a variety of electrical work being done. It's not uncommon for us to do electrical work for a wide range of customers including home, shop and café owners.

    If you need an electrician in Armadale, there is no electrical job too little or too small that we can't help you with.

  • We are currently based in Melbourne's east, so we're never too far away from Armadale. Our electricians travel all over Melbourne, so their arrival time can vary depending on their availability on the day.

    If we can't schedule your job on the same day you call, we can usually schedule it for the next. We can also book a job in advance for a time and day that suits you. Our electrician will then call you 30 minutes beforehand to confirm their arrival on the day.

  • The cost of your job will vary depending on the details. If it's a large or complex job, it could require more than one electrician. Smaller and more simpler jobs may only require one electrician.

    The amount of work that needs to be done along with the complexity of your job will have the biggest impact on the final price. Call us on 03 9761 8700 today to get a free quote for your electrical job.

  • We're based in Melbourne's Eastern suburbs, so as well as doing electrical work in Armadale, we service the surrounding areas and the rest of the Melbourne metro area.

    If you need an electrician in Armadale or anywhere else in Melbourne, we can help.

  • We already provide a diverse range of electrical services to Armadale. For offices, shops and eateries we can carry out testing and tagging for appliances along with new line installations, and rewiring for lighting.

    We can upgrade the power infrastructure for older homes and prepare your apartment for a smart home setup.

    We can also setup and install high-speed wi-fi networks, AV equipment and so much more.

ITA electrical services

Faults and general electrical services

Power fault? Call 03 9761 8700. ITA electricians are experts at finding and rectifying faults - quickly and effectively. Our residential electricians provide a full range of everyday electrical services - like extra circuits and power point installation.

Power upgrades

ITA's expert residential electricians can help you meet your increasing power needs. That includes switchboard, three-phase power upgrades, and other electrical services.


Time to brighten up your home? An ITA electrician can assist with electrical services such as lighting control and rewiring - giving your home the ambience you want.

Telephone and internet

Your electrical contractors can install a new line and boost the range and speed of your Wi-Fi signal. Along with other electrical services, ITA's electricians have the expertise to get the most from your telephone and internet connections.

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General power

Power fault? Need a power point installed? Choose an ITA electrician for all your electrical services. Because it means choosing a long-term fix for your office's power problems from qualified electrical contractors. Call 03 9761 8700.

Testing and tagging

Electrical contractors can help you protect computers and office equipment from power surges and electrical fires. Your electrician can schedule one-off or regular testing and tagging - and safeguard your valuable office assets.

Three-phase power

Enhance your supply with a three-phase power upgrade. ITA's expert electricians will help your office meet its increasing energy needs with expert electrical services.

Intelligent lighting

An ITA electrician can also help reduce your power bills. Our electrical contractors are experts in intelligent lighting - the smart way to reduce overheads and environmental impact.

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Faults and general electrical services

Power fault? Call 03 9761 8700 for electrical contractors. ITA's electricians have quick response times and expert workmanship, so you'll be back up and running in no time. Your electrician can also provide powerpoint installation and a full range of everyday electrical services.

Testing and tagging

Your electrical contractors can help you protect machinery, industrial equipment and appliances against surges and fire. ITA's qualified industrial electricians will safeguard your most valuable assets with testing and tagging, along with other electrical services.


Our industrial electricians are experts in helping our clients with OH&S requirements. Thanks to decades of experience, your electrical contractors will help you meet your electrical safety needs - ensuring a safe workplace with a range of electrical services.

Plant and machinery relocations

Important machinery needs to be moved by expert electrical contractors. ITA electricians can disconnect, reconnect and commission all types of industrial equipment - safely and carefully. We'll help get your equipment back on-line in no time.

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About ITA Electrical

We've provided electrical services to Armadale since 2005. We've serviced many homes, businesses, and industrial premises with positive results and reviews from our customers.

Our team strives to be industry leaders, and we've even won awards to prove our commitment. When you've booked an ITA electrician, you can rest assured you're business or home is in safe hands.

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Electrician Accreditations

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Why choose an ITA Electrician?

Reliability. It's central to everything we do.

Our electricians always do the job properly the first time. That's thanks to our highly-qualified professionals' unrivalled, reliable workmanship. They're all fully-licensed A-grade electricians. We also have staff with speciality training in security systems and lighting.

Most of our electricians in Melbourne have been with ITA since the very start. That's why doing a great job is so important to them. It's why they're happy to arrange an appointment that suits your schedule. And it's why they'll show up for it on time. They'll even call you 30 minutes beforehand to confirm their on-time arrival.

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  • Safety

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