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Do you need some work done by an electrician in Kew? Our friendly Kew electricians can help you out with electrical jobs at work or home.

Kew is a quiet and respectable neighbourhood with a charming local shopping centre and many private schools.

Do you need an electrician to fix an electrical problem in your home, office or shop front? We'll send out an electrician in Kew to help you.

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Call 03 9761 8700 for help from an experienced electrician in Kew.


  • Kew is an older suburb of Melbourne, with many different types of electrical work required. We often do jobs for a variety of customers at their place of residence, office, shop or schools.

    For an electrician in Kew who can handle any sized job, you can rely on ITA Electrical.

  • As our services are based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we're usually a short drive away from Kew. We do travel Melbourne-wide, however, so exact arrival times may be affected by appointment locations on the day.

    We aim to fit you in on the same day of your call, or the day after. Another option is to book a time in advance that suits you best. 30 minutes before arriving, your electrician in Kew will give you a courtesy confirmation call.

  • Electrical jobs for Kew can come in at a variety of price points, depending on the kind of work required. Large or more complicated jobs might need two or more electricians or electricians with greater experience levels. Small or quick jobs, on the other hand, may need one electrician only.

    The size and complexity of the work necessary will be the biggest factor in pricing. To get a quote, call us on 03 9761 8700.

  • From our headquarters in the Eastern suburbs, we do electrical work in Kew as well as the rest of the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and the greater metro area.

    For an electrician in Kew or another suburb of Melbourne, call ITA Electrical.

  • Electrical work in Kew based in the home can vary. We can test and tag appliances to make sure they are not faulty or unsafe.

    We can put in devices for a smart home system, upgrading the electrics in older homes to cope with modern power demands.

    We also provide installation services for high-speed wi-fi networks, AV equipment and a range of other options.

ITA electrical services

Faults and general electrical services

Power fault? Call 03 9761 8700. ITA electricians are experts at finding and rectifying faults - quickly and effectively. Our residential electricians provide a full range of everyday electrical services - like extra circuits and power point installation.

Power upgrades

ITA's expert residential electricians can help you meet your increasing power needs. That includes switchboard, three-phase power upgrades, and other electrical services.


Time to brighten up your home? An ITA electrician can assist with electrical services such as lighting control and rewiring - giving your home the ambience you want.

Telephone and internet

Your electrical contractors can install a new line and boost the range and speed of your Wi-Fi signal. Along with other electrical services, ITA's electricians have the expertise to get the most from your telephone and internet connections.

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General power

Power fault? Need a power point installed? Choose an ITA electrician for all your electrical services. Because it means choosing a long-term fix for your office's power problems from qualified electrical contractors. Call 03 9761 8700.

Testing and tagging

Electrical contractors can help you protect computers and office equipment from power surges and electrical fires. Your electrician can schedule one-off or regular testing and tagging - and safeguard your valuable office assets.

Three-phase power

Enhance your supply with a three-phase power upgrade. ITA's expert electricians will help your office meet its increasing energy needs with expert electrical services.

Intelligent lighting

An ITA electrician can also help reduce your power bills. Our electrical contractors are experts in intelligent lighting - the smart way to reduce overheads and environmental impact.

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Faults and general electrical services

Power fault? Call 03 9761 8700 for electrical contractors. ITA's electricians have quick response times and expert workmanship, so you'll be back up and running in no time. Your electrician can also provide powerpoint installation and a full range of everyday electrical services.

Testing and tagging

Your electrical contractors can help you protect machinery, industrial equipment and appliances against surges and fire. ITA's qualified industrial electricians will safeguard your most valuable assets with testing and tagging, along with other electrical services.


Our industrial electricians are experts in helping our clients with OH&S requirements. Thanks to decades of experience, your electrical contractors will help you meet your electrical safety needs - ensuring a safe workplace with a range of electrical services.

Plant and machinery relocations

Important machinery needs to be moved by expert electrical contractors. ITA electricians can disconnect, reconnect and commission all types of industrial equipment - safely and carefully. We'll help get your equipment back on-line in no time.

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About ITA Electrical

Since 2005, we have been servicing the community of Kew with top-notch electrical work. We can help with electrics in homes, offices, shops, schools and industrial buildings.

Our expert Kew electricians can fix any electrical problem you may have. We've even won awards for our electrical work.

We take pride in a job well done, so you can relax in the knowledge that we provide the best quality electrical work in Melbourne.

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Electrician Accreditations

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Why choose an ITA Electrician?

You'll notice the difference when using an ITA electrician.

Our A-grade electricians do things the right way the first time. The high levels of expertise of our qualified electricians make our work reliable. We also have a breadth of experience with staff on call to help you with specialities such as security systems and lighting.

We have trained up a lot of our electricians from early on in their careers. That's why the company is important to them, and so is the service they provide to you. Our electricians go out of their way to accommodate your schedule, and they are always on time. They will even give you a courtesy phone call 30 minutes before they arrive.

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To book an expert ITA electrician, call 03 9761 8700