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Every great business begins with a spark. Let us help you turn that idea into something special. ITA's commercial electricians are trained professionals at helping your business grow with power.

  • From intelligent lighting to three-phase electrical upgrades, we respond quickly and efficiently.
  • Schools, offices, factories and warehouses - our expertise can improve any workplace.
  • Our long lasting solutions are applied efficiently, requiring minimal downtime.
  • With our emphasis on reliability, quality and safety, you can get back to running your business.

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Why choose ITA

We have been in business with businesses for over a decade. We know what it takes to run a commercial enterprise, and we know how energy needs change with exciting new developments

  • Free electrical assessment on all jobs

    Running a business can be expensive. You shouldn't have to pay before the work gets underway. Enjoy a free electrical assessment for any job you book with us.

  • Lifetime labour warranty

    Our lifetime guarantee stands alongside your business. If there's a problems with our work, we will come back and repair it immediately, at no extra cost to you.

  • Certificate of Electrical Safety

    Every commercial or industrial job completed by an electrician requires a Certificate of Electrical Safety. With this certificate, you can relax and know that your assets are protected.

  • Compliance checking

    Exit signs and other electrical systems are imperative for the safety of yourself and your employees. We can get you up to date with current safety laws.

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Our commercial services

  • General power
    Does your office have a power fault? Maybe you just need a few power points installed? Call ITA on 03 9761 8700. We'll provide a long-term fix for all electrical issues.
  • Testing and tagging
    Protect your office from power surges and electrical fires. Book an ITA Electrical commercial electrician to test and tag your valuable office equipment while making your workplace safer.
  • Three-phase power
    Boost your building's electrical supply with a three-phase power upgrade. Our commercial electricians can prepare your office for increasing energy demands.
  • Intelligent lighting
    Our commercial electricians can modernise your office with intelligent lighting. Smart lighting systems can reduce overheads and your environmental impact.
  • Fault finding
    ITA's commercial electricians are experts at finding electrical faults. Once any fault is identified, they'll quickly and effectively fix the issue.
  • Emergency and exit lighting
    It's always vital that your workplace complies with current safety laws. An ITA commercial electrician can recommend and install emergency exit lighting for evacuations.

Featured case study

What did the client need?

Digital360 were expanding their office area and required electrical, data and phone points for new desks.

How did ITA help?

ITA performed a site assessment and evaluation of the existing power and data infrastructure. We recommended a power solution for soft wiring and data to each desk that allowed for current requirements and future expansion.

ITA carried out the work to Digital360's timeline:

  • Reviewed the desks to be installed
  • Power, data and telephone wiring to the new desks all to standards
  • Relocation of power and data outlets

The result for the client was an efficient setup process that allowed the business to run as usual.

“ITA’s complete project management allowed me to concentrate on running our business without a minute of lost productivity. ITA were proactive, professional and I would not hesitate to recommend their service, thanks to Mike, Andrew and the team.”

Robert Dalessandro, DIGITAL360

About ITA Electricians

Our award-winning commercial electricians provide a diverse range of electrical services to suit modern customer needs. When you choose an ITA commercial electrician, you can rest assured you're relying on the services of an industry leader.

Most of our electricians have been with us from the start. It's just further proof that our staff are dedicated to doing a great job for their company and their customers.

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