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Emergency and exit lighting is a critical component of your building, and one that keeps residents and workers safe. ITA Electricians in Melbourne will ensure you are compliant with Australian Emergency Lighting Standards, by recommending the placement of emergency lighting on your site and conducting testing after completion.

  • Reliability

    Our electricians recommend lighting solutions based on the scope of your work, and install them quickly so you are compliant with Australian Standards.

  • Qualified

    Our team of electricians are experienced at what they do and will conduct rigorous testing after the works are complete.

  • Safe

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing your lighting meets Australian Standards, complete with an electrical safety certificate.

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Our process


Your ITA Electrician in Melbourne will learn the scope of your work prior to commencing the project. Based on your documented plans, our emergency and exit lighting technicians will recommend the required number and location of each light to be installed based on Australian Standards.


After recommending the number and location of the emergency and exit lighting, further discussions will take place around the nature of the works and commencement. Our ITA Electricians in Melbourne will then confirm with you the exact number and placement of each device and begin installing them.


After installation, your ITA Electricians in Melbourne will run through a series of Australian Standards emergency lighting testing to to ensure they are compliant and meet the satisfaction of the client. After the completion of the emergency lighting standards testing, a certificate of electrical safety is issued to guarantee all works have been carried out correctly and to standard.

Emergency and exit lighting case study

What did the client need?

An expanding company called ITA Electricians in Melbourne to arrange new emergency and exit lighting to be installed after completing some office extensions. They wanted to fill these offices soon, and needed to make sure they complied with Australian Standards Emergency Lighting Testing.

How did ITA help?

Our experienced service staff discussed the requirements of the job and documented the scope of the work for our electricians in Melbourne. The electricians arrived to the work site the very next morning, completing an inspection of the extensions and confirming with the client the placement on the emergency and exit lighting before commencing. The installations met the scope of the work, and Australian Standards Emergency Lighting Testing was completed after completion, accompanied by a certificate of compliance.

ITA completed the job to satisfaction by:

  • Providing a solution that met the client scope and Austrian Standards
  • Facilitating testing after job completion
  • Carrying out the time sensitive job in a quick timeframe
  • Supplying the client with certificates of compliance

About ITA Electricians

ITA Electricians have been keeping the lights on in Melbourne for well over 10 years. From lighting system upgrades to emergency and exit light installations, there is nothing our team of skilled electricians in Melbourne cannot illuminate.

It's our dedication to our clients, and commitment to service and quality that sets us apart from other electricians in Melbourne. ITA will always prioritise your electrical needs, and arrive in a timely fashion with a transparent quite that is based on the specific scope of your work.

Find out why our electricians are requested by name, and continue to exceed the expectations of our clients. It is nothing but passion and a love of the trade that keeps us doing what we are doing.

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  • Yes. Emergency and exit lighting is not only necessary, but it is a legal requirement for your building.

  • Emergency and exit lighting are critical requirements, and we strive to have our electricians in Melbourne on your worksite within 24 hours to install the lights.

  • Yes. We can replace any existing emergency lighting you have in place so that it is working condition and compliant.

  • After our team of electricians in Melbourne install your emergency and exit lighting, we will conduct safety and compliance testing to ensure the works are correct and functional.

  • Yes. You will be issued with a certificate of electrical safety and compliance for your records.