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Efficient LED lighting upgrades

Our trained ITA electricians in Melbourne have been increasing the the longevity of lights and reducing energy bills with energy efficient LED lighting upgrades for business entities.

As accredited Schneider EcoXpert energy auditors, ITA Electrical have the experitise to advise on the most suitable lighting solution for your home or office.

  • Reliability

    Task ITA with your LED lighting upgrades, and rely on energy efficient solutions that reduces your lighting bill.

  • Quality

    Our electricians are committed to recommending the right solution for you, giving you longer lasting lights.

  • Safety

    LED lighting for business' is a critical component to safety. It is completed with the right equipment, tested in accordance with industry standards.

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Our process


Our electricians in Melbourne will have a discussion with the client, determining the desired deliverables and expected outcomes of the LED lighting upgrades. An assessment is then completed, and a document created to include the scope of work for the LED lighting upgrades plan. A schedule is then issued to the client, accompanied with the pricing of the job.


On the day of the job, our electricians in Melbourne will arrive onsite with the equipment and stock needed to complete the upgrades of LED lighting for the business. The upgrades will commence, which can often require lifting equipment, such as a scissor lift, to be onsite on the day to complete the works safely and within the designated timeframe.


The electrician will once again run through the scope of the works with the client, ensuring all LED lighting upgrades have been completed and tested to the satisfaction of both parties.

LED lighting upgrades case study

What did the client need?

Our team were regularly servicing a client to replace faulty fluorescent tubes in an office block. We advised that a more efficient solution would be to replace all existing fluorescent tubes with efficient and longer lasting LED equivalents.

After consultation with the client, our electricians i assessed the lighting requirements and provided a scope of works and pricing.

How did ITA Electtical resolve the issue?

After reviewing the lighting requirements with the client, our ITA electricians replaced all existing fluorescent tube panels with the new efficient LED panel replacements. These replacements were tested to ensure the LED lighting needed for business operations were working as they should be. On completion of the installation of all LEDs panels, our electrician went through the scope of works with the client to confirm all was completed as stipulated in the documentation. When the client signed off on final work, our electrician provided a Certificate Of Electrical Safety.

Our client was pleased, they now have a significantly reduced lighting bill and longer lasting lights.

About ITA Electricians

It's clear to see why businesses seek the services of ITA for all LED lighting upgrades. Our team of electricians in Melbourne are committed to keeping your business energy efficient and compliant. Passion is in our DNA at ITA Electricians, as well as a genuine love for the industry and seeing our clients with the right solutions for their business. Our trained electricians have been servicing the Melbourne area since 2005, catering to a business' every electrical need.

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  • Compared to standard fluorescent tube panels, yes they will.

  • Yes, your LED lighting upgrades will be as bright as your previous fluorescenet tube panels.

  • LED panels are of a similar size, width and length to traditional fluorescent tube panels, but normally a reduced height or thickness.

  • Depending on the brand, LED lighting for your business normally lasts 10,000 hours.