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ITA Electrical on 12 September 2019

Commercial lighting options in 2019

Innovative commercial lighting can transform and personalise a business's premises, while slashing costs. ...

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ITA Electrical on 10 December 2019

Office lighting standards and best practices

Discover the office lighting standards your workplace needs to meet for the safety and wellbeing of your workers with ITA Electrical. ...

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ITA Electrical on 9 December 2019

Single phase vs three phase power

Discover the difference between 3 phase power and single phase power, and find out which type you need for your home with this guide from ITA Electrical. ...

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ITA Electrical on 26 September 2019

What are the test and tag requirements in Victoria?

As an employer, you must meet Victoria's strict test and tag requirements applying to all electrical appliances in the workplace. ...

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ITA Electrical on 12 April 2018

Do You Need a Switchboard Upgrade?

Switchboards are the central hub of all power in your home—is yours safe? Learn about switchboard upgrades by our A-Grade electricians for residential and commercial premises in Melbourne ...

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ITA Electrical on 3 April 2018

10 energy saving tips to reduce your power bills

Turning off lights and closing your fridge door properly are obvious ways to cut your energy costs. But what else can you do to keep your energy bills down? ...

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ITA Electrical on 25 January 2018

3 common electrical problems that need an electrician

Knowing the difference between major and minor lighting issues isn't easy. Here are three common around-the-house issues that probably require an electrician ...

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ITA Electrical on 25 September 2017

How to find the right Electrician for a job

It can be a daunting process trying to find the right Electrician for the job. We'll show you how based on skills, experience and reviews ...

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ITA Electrical on 29 May 2017

Why you should get a Certificate of Electrical Safety for all electrical work.

Safety is paramount when it comes to your home electricity. Here's what to know about a Certificate of Electrical Safety. ...

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ITA Electrical on 5 April 2017

Why You Need an Electrician to Install Your Wi-Fi Network

Whether it's at home or work, we've all had to suffer through bad Wi-Fi networks that load slowly or have frequent dropouts. Here's what you need to know about setting up your Wi-Fi network. ...

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ITA Electrical on 23 January 2017

10 Questions to Ask a Fixed Price Electrician

Choosing a set price electrician gives you the comfort of knowing exactly how much your job will cost, without any unexpected surprises ...

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ITA Electrical on 14 December 2016

What is an A-Grade Electrician?

Here's what makes an A-Grade Licensed Electrician in Victoria and why you should choose them for your electrical installations and maintenance ...

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ITA Electrical on 26 September 2016

Searching for a cheap electrician? Read this first.

'Cheap' electricians aren't always so cheap in the long term. Go for great value instead ...

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