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ITA Electrical on 25 January 2018

Electricity is a wonderful thing, but it isn't something to mess around with. If you have a serious or recurring electrical problem, you should never try a DIY solution or assume it will simply go away if you ignore it. Electricians exist to help you maintain a safe, functional home, and take the guesswork out of diagnosing electrical issues.

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Here are three common around-the-house issues that may require a qualified electrician in Melbourne. Read on to familiarise yourself with the differences between major and minor lighting issues, and when it's time to call a pro.

1. Flickering lights

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Flickering lights in the home are a common problem. Sometimes they result from grid issues—such as a downed line—while other times they stem from a surge in voltage caused by large current draws. Dimmer switches are a common cause of flickering for LED bulbs, and fluorescent lights are more prone to flickering than others due to the phosphors taking a few moments to reach peak illumination.

Why does it happen?

Sometimes the reason for a light flickering is as simple as the light bulb not being screwed in properly. More often than not, flickering lights are nothing to worry about—provided the flickering is temporary or sporadic. However, if you have a continuously flickering light, you could be in danger.

What should I do?

Loose wiring is the most serious reason for flickering lights and a major cause of house fires. Old or damaged fixtures can also cause a variety of problems. You should always call an electrician to address these problems as they can tell you if there is a serious electrical fault.

2. Buzzing dimmer switches

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Dimmer switches allow you to set your lighting to suit your lifestyle. However, they can come with issues. One of the most common problems we see at ITA Electrical are lounge room dimmer switches which emit an audible hum or buzz when they are turned on.

Why does it happen?

This is caused by the hyper-fast AC interruptions that change lighting levels. Not all dimmers make a buzz, but in some cases, the AC interruptions produce vibrations in the electromagnetic field within the bulb, or within the switch itself, that results in the unwanted sound.

What should I do?

A quick way to troubleshoot this problem yourself before calling an electrician is to check the wattage you've used and whether it's appropriate. Dimmer switches are rated by how many watts they can control, and putting lower-wattage bulbs in the fixture can help ease the load. If this doesn't stop the buzzing sound, you can try switching from standard incandescent light bulbs to 'rough service' light bulbs, which have sturdier supports for the light's filaments.

If neither option works, turn to an electrician. At ITA Electrical, we can help you upgrade your dimmer rating, or choose the correct dimmer replacement. Buzzing dimmer switches can be a symptom of a major electrical problem in your home, so we recommend allowing our experienced team to help you pinpoint the problem and leaving nothing to chance.

3. Tripping circuit breaker

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It's a well-known truth that older homes are simply not designed to handle the high-wattage loads commonly experienced in today's homes. A circuit breaker will 'trip' or shut off the electrical flow when it's overloaded as a preventative mechanism to protect the circuit from overheating and causing an electrical fire.

Why does it happen?

A tripped circuit breaker can also be caused by a short circuit or ground fault. An overheating appliance may also be the culprit—say, for example, an air conditioner that pulls in more amps than usual during summer.

What should I do?

The most straightforward solution to a tripping circuit breaker is to upgrade or add a circuit to accommodate your load. Call us on 03 9761 8700 or send us a message, to have one of our highly trained electricians in Melbourne visit your home and determine which of the problems listed above is causing your circuit breaker to trip. We will check your wiring and can even add subpanels for a minimal investment.

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