In Victoria, an A-Grade Electrician is a person licensed to carry out and sign off on electrical work.

ITA Electrical on 14 December 2016

Why you should always use an A-Grade Electrician

A-Grade Electricians are fully qualified electrical professionals. They are licensed to work unsupervised and to sign off on all electrical works on behalf of a Registered Electrical Contractor (REC).

Choose A-Grade Licensed Electricians and you get:

  • A fully qualified electrical professional
  • The highest standards of electrical safety
  • A fully insured service provider

When it comes to your home or business' electrical wiring, it's never worth taking chances.

By employing an A-Grade Electrician, you can rest assured, knowing that the electrical systems in your property have been properly and safely installed by a licensed professional.

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Ask: what is your licence number?

All A-Grade Licensed Electricians are issued with an individual licence number.

This licence number identifies your electrician as a registered and qualified service provider. It also entitles them to perform all electrical work without supervision in Victoria.

If an electrician cannot produce a licence number upon request, then they may not be licensed. In which case, you should not contract them.

Get a Certificate of Electrical Safety

In Victoria, a Certificate of Electrical Safety (COES) must be provided within 30 calendar days of electrical installation work being carried out. This is to ensure compliance with:

Not providing a Certificate of Electrical Safety and not complying with the requirements outlined in these documents can result in fines and disciplinary action against electricians.

Therefore, your A-Grade Electrician should provide you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety upon completion of work.

If they do not, contact them and insist that one be provided.

Should they refuse, you can raise a complaint with Energy Safe Victoria.

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A-Grade vs. ES-Grade Licensed Electricians

ES-Grade licences are only available to people who have been 'grandfathered' through previous regulations and licensing regimes. This typically includes holders of B-Grade or RB-Grade licences.

Electricians of this grade are permitted to carry out electrical work. However, they must be supervised by an A-Grade Electrician. Additionally, they cannot sign-off on their own work.

This same rule applies for those with a Supervised Worker's Licence (L Licence).

While ES-Grade and L-Grade Electricians can carry out your electrical work, an A-Grade Electrician must be in attendance. So, it's often simpler to instead just hire A-Grade Licensed Electricians.

Licences which require A-Grade supervision:

  • ES-Grade
  • Formerly B-Grade
  • Formerly RB-Grade
  • L-Grade
  • Apprentice electricians

Obtaining an A-Grade Licence

Becoming an A-Grade Electrician can take anywhere between 4 and 5 years.

To gain an A-Grade Licence, an electrician will typically:

1. Complete a 4 Year Apprenticeship
To become qualified A-Grade Licensed Electricians, workers must complete a 4 year apprenticeship, which includes at least 12 months experience carrying out electrical installation work.

2. Pass a Licensed Electricians Assessment (LEA)
A Licensed Electricians Assessment is an examination conducted by an independent organisation which has been approved by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV).

3. Hold a Certificate III in Electro-technology, Electrician
This certificate is awarded upon the completion of a relevant course in the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment in Victoria.

An A-Grade licence can, in some circumstances, be obtained via other pathways. However, what is outlined above is the most common way to achieve this qualification.

"When you choose an A-Grade Electrician you know you're getting a qualified professional."

Searching for an A-Grade Electrician?

At ITA Electrical, all of our fully qualified Electricians are A-Grade licensed.

They are experienced in residential, commercial, and industrial electrical work, and they will ensure your electrical installation or maintenance is carried out to the highest standards.

We always:

  • Provide A-Grade Licence Numbers upon request
  • Supply a Certificate of Electrical Safety
  • Back our work with a 2 year workmanship warranty

We deliver prompt and reliable electrical work, every time. Our A-Grade Licensed Electricians are experts in electrical services. They never compromise on quality, workmanship, or most importantly safety.

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